Dmitriy Shpilchin

Hi! my name is Dmitriy Shpilchin
I am a Full Stack web developer

About me

Kazakhstan, Almaty,

Full Stack Web Developer: C# / PHP + JavaScript + SQL / Pl SQL + responsive design. The banking software and web projects development. Well versed in object oriented programming, relational model, heavy data management, best coding practices, data structures and algorithms, time-management.

Certified HTML5, Certified CSS3, Certified JavaScipt software developer on .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET WebForms, JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery, Angular 2, Zend FW, Tw Bootstrap, WordPress, VBA for Excel, Oracle, MsSQL, LINQ, MySQL, Git.

Personal qualities: focused person, positive attitude, results driven, product-oriented, ability to read other people's code, coding standards, participation in all stages of the software development life cycle, ability to work as a team player as well as independently.

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Certification HTML5

Сertified developer HTML5

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Certification CSS3

Сertified developer CSS3

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Certification JavaScript

Сertified JavaScript and DOM developer

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Focused on .NET

Focused on deep learning of .NET platform, and MVC technology.


Preferred languages and technologies: C#, .NET MVC, PHP, Pl SQL, JQuery

My motto:

"Acta non verba"

Acta non verba

I have a fundamental knowledge about programming theory, data structures and algorithms, the theory of relational DBMS. I am an adherent of the school of object-oriented programming, and a fan of the MVC pattern.

I'm developing distributed intranet systems, web applications, integration services, shell scripts if neded, VBA for Excel, desktop software.

My main languages ​​are: C #, PHP, Pl SQL, JavaScript. Basic technologies and frameworks: .NET MVC, Web Forms, Zend Framework, JQuery. Adaptive layout and design: HTML and CSS, I prefer Twitter Bootstrap.

I'm using strong standards of coding and documenting the code. Coding in OS of Windows and Linux families equally comfortably, experience of administration of these OS.

  • markup language

  • stylesheet language

  • programming language

  • programming language

  • query language, procedural extension Oracle


Information about some implemented projects


Lead Developer
Project usage: HR assessmnet, 365-degree feedback.
Stack of languages and technologies: C# .NET MVC, Pl SQl Oracle 11g, JQuery, Tw Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Entity Framework, LINQ.

My role: lead developer

EIR Calculator

Lead Developer
Project usage: lender’s credit cycle managment purposes.

Stack of languages and technologies: VBA for Excel.

My role: lead developer

EMC Documentum

Project Manager
Project usage: EMC Documentum version and infrustructure update
My role: project manager, system administrator
My completed tasks: shell scripts development, linux servers configuration, EMC core configuration, building tomcat fail over cluster.


Lead Developer
Project usage: web project, personal goals management system.

Stack of languages and technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, JQuery, Tw Bootstrap.

My role: lead developer
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Various awards as a form of employer`s recall of the quality of work

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